• Human-centered Analytics Have Arrived

    Veebit is building the world’s best platform for providing quantifiable insight into the values that drive behavior — so that organizations, individuals and communities can make better decisions whenever people factor in.

Recently flipped over, an iceberg reveals a crystalline, blue body of ancient ice before it can be blanketed again by snow.
A rare and beautiful sight. Photograph: Alex Cornell


You probably know that only about 10% of an iceberg is visible above the surface. To understand how it will move and behave on its journey, you need to look at the 90% below the surface and its dynamic interaction with the currents.


In this regard, people and icebergs have a lot in common. Until now, though, the Big Data-driven world of predictive analytics has focused on who people are on the surface — how we act, who we know, what we engage with – and running these mountains of data through brute force analytics engines to identify correlations.  Though useful, the results are increasingly limited, and messy.  What if we could dive deeper to understand actual relationships of cause and effect?


With Veebit, we can. We’re using the power of psychometrics to build new analytical tools for uncovering how a person’s values — motivations, attitudes and beliefs — inform decisions and actions.  The promise is a new layer of insight and predictive power never before thought possible. We may not have the technology to flip an iceberg, but we are flipping a paradigm.


Welcome to an entirely new world of predictive power and insight.



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